Ashleigh Purvey · Opinion

Unpacking An Ongoing Adventure 

June 24, 2017

With 6 plus years at two universities, and decades of crafting, creating and feeding my artistic nature I have accumulated a fair bit of odds and ends.

My artistic adventures began when I was very young. Growing up I was taught to basket weave, sew, quilt, re-u furniture, paint and create anything and everything crafty. So as an adult I picked up other mediums and crafts, resulting in a massive amounts of supplies and projects in varying states of completion.

Now that my love and I have decided that Charleston is going to be our forever home I have begun the grueling process of unpacking all the art supplies of two artists. Fun could be a word to describe it, however as I come across unfinished projects I’ve decided to get rid of some, restart others or recraft previously thought up ideas.

One thing is clear, I’m pretty sure I own doubles maybe triples of some materials, some items I have no idea why I kept them at all and a few projects I can’t remember I even started. That’s the fun of growing as an artist I guess…

I will keep my blog updated with my new projects, professional and personal. It’s going to be a lot of fun going thru all of it, while getting a job and finding myself finally, so I can start a beautiful family here in our beautiful new forever home.

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