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Job Hunt Part Deux

June 22, 2017

Charleston has got to be the most modernized historic city I have ever been to. New York and other cities can compete, but in all reality nothing beats a cities desire to grow and still keep their history and past in tact for all to see and learn about. From buildings and homes built over a hundred years ago fully restored, cobblestone roadways, tiny ivy covered alleyways, and the ever-present southern hospitality, Charleston is really the beauty of the south, with its ever-present hospitality and culture. It’s not over commercialized or filled with chain restaurants. Instead it’s filled with boutique coffee shops and restaurants, small clothing shops and interesting little museums with tidbits of history, artifacts and information.

On my job hunt today I introduced myself to a few advertising agencies, PR agencies, and some local magazines. During this job hunt in a new place, I am trying something new and not just applying online, but going by the places I apply, and the companies in industries I have interest in. With all my vast career experience in so many fields I feel like I would be an asset to any publishing house or advertising firm. I have a great desire to start at a great company and grow with it, helping it to achieve all its goals, finally planting roots and becoming an intregal part of any team.

My goal in this hunt is not to find a job to just pay the bills or just to hold me over till the next one, I want to wake up so happy to go to work because I work with a great team that looks out for each other and finds ways to utilize all of someones assets and talents. Job descriptions are suggestions to me, as in I know that I need to accomplish those things but just because it’s not listed doesn’t mean I can’t do it and won’t do it if all my tasks are accomplished for the day.

Hoping to find some work (not just graphic work but something I can grow into thus making me more of an asset to the team) soon with an organization/company that I am so excited about I can’t wait to go to work.

More to come on the hunt.

Some picture from today:

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