Ashleigh Purvey · Opinion

Moving Fun

June 21, 2017

Well 21 days ago two of my fathers friends, my dad and I packed a 17′ budget truck and the next day my fiancé and we began the journey toward our new home in Charleston. Starting a new chapter in our lives.

Since we are both nerdy digital artists I have been unpacking since we got here on the 2nd and job hunting at the same time. I am looking forward to walking the streets of Charleston and seeing what it has to offer culture wise, what the food scene is all about and take lots of pictures to obviously share across all social media. It’s hard to live somewhere so historic and not share its beauty.

However like I said two nerdy artists move in together (should be the start of a joke lol) but seriously I think we have 4 full marker pads, enough sharpies to use a different one all day for the next ten years, paint, canvases, painting tape etc. at this point I think it looks like we went on a shopping spree at michaels. The discovery of items collected over a lifetime of creating is like having a long Christmas as I have no idea what is in most of the boxes.

More to come… but for now more unpacking and job hunting 🤓

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