Ashleigh Purvey · Opinion

Job Hunt 2017

June 19, 2017

Part 1

I’ve been on the hunt for “home” and my “dream job” for sometime now, looking for the right place to plant roots and finally grow my career in the direction I’ve always wanted to grow into. Within my work experience I’ve had the amazing opportunities to travel the world, work with international large brands and create everything there is in the advertising world. I’ve worked for hotels, travel organizations, print shops, sign shops, non-profits, and advertising agencies.

In my hunt I have found a deeper passion and love for advertising, marketing and branding. Within each professional experience I’ve had I have noticed that the most important part of any successful business is the branding, the marketing and the representation within advertising.

So here I am in a new town job hunting and loving every bit of it, new town, new state, new outlook with amazing possibilities. Charleston really feels like home. The people who live here are courteous and very nice without judgement or prejudice.

Charleston itself is so full of history that I’m looking forward to walking around downtown and finding my way, seeing all this beautiful town has to offer.

More to come later…

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