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Intro to my blog

February 14, 2017

Writing as an artist is a strong attribute for communicating effectively with target audiences. As an artist all of my life I have found that keeping a journal and constantly writing and drawing, contributes to making me a better artist with words and visuals. Communicating ideas and products in ways, allowing the consumer to have a kind of emotional attachment creating a bond between brand, message, idea and viewer.

I’ve decided to include a blog on my site so that I can share my views with others, welcoming discussion and different views. As a designer I have found that I tend to distance myself from clients and create what is needed as transcribed from a sales person and or team. In that distancing I have lost a bit of my finesse in talking to clients and creating sales on my own. Like any designer I have faults and my ego as an artist has been replaced with a desire to create exactly what the client wants.

This blog, I hope, will allow me to open the discussion to see how it is on the other side of the computer so that in turn I can become a better designer overall.

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