Who I am…

With ten collective years of experience in marketing, graphic design, production, copy writing, printing and photography, I consider myself simply as a creative with passion for my work. Team work, dedication, follow-thru, communication and being highly organized are the pillars of my work ethic.

Who am I as a Marketing Specialist and Graphic Designer?

Well organized, detail oriented, precise, diligent and able to carry out 99% of all projects and conflicts presented to me.

When putting a puzzle together there are some who put the edges together and work their way in, thus seeing the end game before starting to put together the little parts that all come together to present a beautiful picture. I take this let’s say “puzzle theory” and replicate it in the projects I produce. As a designer I spend most of my time thinking about the end game for a design or an outdoor display. With that in mind I am able to “put the edges together first” so to speak and then forming the smaller parts so that the entire design can be put together quickly and efficiently. Speed is important in graphic design, photography and art in general. Developing a skill set to improve productivity is imperative in the production of any project.

Research is a pastime of mine along with photography, constantly training those skills has allowed me in my career to know and understand all aspects of projects from design to distribution granting me the ability to move with speed and precision through all jobs presented to me.

Who I am to work with:

I tend to take on a lot of work, and complete it on time without errors due to speed or shortcuts.

I am well-organized, as in color coding, post its whole 9 yards so to speak. This allows me rarely miss any meeting, random comment or edits needed for anything I am working on.

My main goal in any job is to help grow a company, not bring it down, start drama, or any of the craziness that happens in the workplace today. I’m a grown adult and treat all jobs with the level of respect deserved.

What have I worked on?

If you can see it and it’s printed there’s a 99% chance I’ve designed it before from tee shirts, billboards, 18 wheeler advertising covers, brochures, branding solutions, stationary, booklets, web banners, books, etc.

No challenge to big no job to little.

What is it like to work with me…

I am a free spirit, inspired deeply by creative people and creative atmospheres. Former and current co-workers tell me all the time what a pleasure it is to work alongside of me since I yearn to teach and not just doing it for them. I am an enthusiastic person with a lot of passion. Taking pride in learning all I can about design development so that I can be on the cutting edge of where design is headed.

I take a lot of pride in my wish to learn all I can about psychology and how it affects viewers of my work and the work that is produced by the companies I work for. This understanding allows me to explain and teach my fellow team members at any company I work for, making them better at their jobs and helping the entire company to grow.


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